We are artists, designers, illustrators, and copywriters, developers, programmers, and IT engineers with a common penchant for creative storytelling - and we specialise in creative strategies and innovative solutions that keeps your brand ahead of your competitors. To achieve that, we create campaigns with unforgettable experiences; both online and offline, that will make your brand stick for a long time.

COMOFISH has been in business since 2007 and is made up of a school of marketing & creative talents from all pools of backgrounds; consisting of minnows and whales who have accumulated over 20 years of work experience in the creative industry.


Joining hands, merging goals, meeting KPI’s… with virality in mind.



On the day of receiving our brief, we’ll join our clients for a discussion and a light brainstorming session to bounce ideas and get a feel of the kind of things you’re after.


Target audience profiles, media consumption behaviour, and purchasing decisions are some of the factors comprising of our analysis. We also fish out the latest designs and formats that work well with our ideas


Campaigns go live on selected execution channels that are tailored according to your aims to reach your target audience via the most effective medium


Numbers do not lie - but they tell do us stories should you care enough to listen. We strategize the user journey to maximize the rate of your sales conversion - and we do so by figuring out what your target is thinking at any point of their interaction with your brand.


The ultimate goal for all businesses is customer loyalty - and this is crucially determined by their experience with your brand over several interactions. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to keep them happy for a long, long time.



Online Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy Email Marketing Strategy
Website Revamp Strategy & Planning
Offline Marketing Strategy
Event Marketing Strategy
Cross-Media Planning
Corporate Identity Establishment


Website Design
E-Commerce Design
Social Media Content Creation
Email Marketing Design
Motion Graphic Video Design
Web Banners Design
Brand Design
Packaging Design
UI/UX Design


Website Development
E-Commerce Development
CMS Development
SEO Optimisation
Email Marketing Development
Web Banners Development
Office Internal System
Apps for IOS & Android
Sales Funnel Automation


Articles & Content
Video Scripts
Big Idea & Campaigns
Pitching Collaboration
Translation in 30 languages*
Ghostwriting for blogs, books, journals,and other

* Translation available in 30 languages include English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Khmer, X, Y, Z


Picture this; if your brand were a person, what do you want him or her to be remembered as? What is this person’s communication style? What is the cause they deeply care about? And finally, how do we make this person - your brand persona - the talk of the town?

Our key strength - great graphic design speaks volumes for your brand and campaign. We create powerful visuals and messages that don’t just ‘look nice’, because we understand how crucial it is for the design to be easily recalled and related to a single-minded message. 


Our bread & butter - we create bespoke websites for companies and campaigns of all sizes to fulfill any objectives; eg. e-commerce, campaign microsite, digital platform, etc. 

Like print, designing and building a website means abiding by several rules and adapting to a wide range of unique specs such as the size, formats, and complexity (Flash, JPG, GIF, HTML5). More importantly, digital platforms allow you to track clicks, scrolls, exits, and your audience’s browsing behaviour when they are in your territory. 

Sounds complicated? No worries, you can opt to let us simplify the data collection process for you, or simply let us handle everything from A-Z. 


Ever since the emergence of digital media, the roles of print media have changed.

If you want to be remembered, your print media should communicate beyond just information. It should give them a great experience - from the moment they receive your name card or brochure by hand, the way they unveil the product behind the packaging, and the way your menu feels in their hands.

Print is here to stay, and the art of eye-catching remains unchanged. From newspaper ads and billboards to mini flyers and booklets, you can count on us to deliver your campaign with an impact.


Great copy and content can immensely boost your confidence in your brand. Be it creative or technical, our copywriters are game for it. 

We’ve produced countless write-ups and translations for brands, blogs, news portals, social media, and more. From technical writing (which includes the mentally-taxing task of understanding industrial and scientific jargons) to sales writing and pitching (finding your target audience’s emotional sweet spot) - our writers are trained to think before we ink. 


Proven Strategies + Innovative Approach = Talk Of Town Campaigns 

More than 20
years in the
creative industry

Creative works
that meet
industrial standards

Extensive portfolio
international clients

Application of
sales &
marketing funnel


We Approach All Clients With The Same Level Of Passion & Enthusiasm

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